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MIS V3 Implant Special: Buy a V3 implant for R1800.00 inclusive.

MIS V3 Implant Special: Buy a V3 implant for R1800.00 inclusive.

The unique triangular-shape of the V3 implant’s coronal portion was designed to allow additional space for bone growth and created to support highly stable surrounding soft tissues and result in more esthetic restorations. The V3 was designed to provide doctors with a more advantageous starting point; where greater volume of bone and soft tissue may potentially be achieved at the onset of implant placement.

Designed for more bone

The compression-free gaps around the coronal area of the V3 were engineered to provide a reservoir for blood pooling and the formation of blood clots. These conditions are both required for optimum implant integration and bone growth.

Engineered for bone stress reduction

The gaps around the sides of the implant neck were designed to result in an open, compression-free zone. Crestal bone loss may be minimized by reducing stress in the cortical bone.

Conical connection

The 12° conical connection was engineered to create an ultimate seal and ideal connection between the implant and abutment with built-in platform switching, reducing micro-movements.

Platform switching

The V3 implant incorporates the platform-switching design concept. Implants with a platform-switched configuration have been shown to exhibit less bone loss when compared to non-platform-switched implants, which may lead to soft tissue preservation and growth.

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