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C1 innovative screw type implant


C1 is an innovative screw type implant, incorporating a DSM (Dual Stability Mechanism) concept and a conical connection with an anti-rotation cone index. With its conical root-shaped geometry and self-tapping properties, C1 features MIS’s reliabe surface, platform switching by design and a platform indicative color coding. Following MIS’ “Make It Simple” philosophy, C1 is supplied within a comprehensive combo-package, providing the freedom to choose between one or two stages procedures or different immediate loading options. The C1 implants range is a result of an extensive research and development process, offering a unique combination of surgical and restorative benefits for multiple types of procedures, saving valuable chair time and affirming reliable, long-lasting successful results.

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C1 innovative screw type implant

C1 Narrow

MIS Implants Launches the C1 Narrow: An Important Addition to Its Advanced C1 Implant System

The C1 implant system is the result of an extensive research and development process that offers a unique combination of surgical and restorative benefits; a differential thread design to ensure superior initial stability in different clinical situations, platform switching and a conical connection.

The C1 Narrow implant has a 3.30mm diameter and comes in lengths of 10mm, 11.50mm, 13mm and 16mm. The narrow platform is suitable for use on narrow ridges and between closely spaced teeth or implants.

Nachum Samet D.M.D, MIS VP Research, explains the rationale behind new developments like the C1. “At MIS we make it a priority to really understand the needs of the doctors using dental implants, and we are dedicated to staying in a leading position making dental implantology processes safer, easier and simpler. The C1 is our most advanced implant yet, incorporating the most up-to-date knowledge to ensure long term success.”

The C1 Narrow features a unique conical connection, with a 4-position anti-rotational, index. This enables thicker walls at the neck area, resulting in a 3.3mm implant that is equivalent mechanically to 3.75 internal hex implants.

The new implant also incorporates the exclusive MIS Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM) by design. When placed in full bone, the single-use final drill (supplied with each implant) creates an osteotomy that generates mild compression at the coronal third of the implant, ensuring high initial stability, while allowing rapid osseointegration in the apical third. This advanced technology combines the benefits of high primary mechanical stability with an accelerated osseointegration, achieving rapid biological stability.

A convenient color-coding system is built in to every C1 implant and its prosthetic components, for easy identification during procedures. Through an ionization process, all prosthetic components are tinted a yellowish hue, to ensure maximum esthetics.

Elad Ginat, MIS Implants Product Manager says, “The C1 NARROW platform is a great example of our commitment to expanding a product line in order to increase the choices and flexibility in treatment options we can offer our customers.”

Founded in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. is proud of our innovations in research, development and production that have resulted in a long history of remarkable new products. The secret of our success is a genuine commitment to introducing treatments and technologies that are perfectly matched to the needs of dental implant professionals worldwide.

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